AQL’s Visit to Universitas Azzahra: Strengthening Zakat Services and Amil Education

Jakarta, September 21, 2023 – On Thursday, September 21, 2023, Universitas Azzahra received a special visit from the Zakat Collection and Distribution Agency (AQL). During the visit held at the Universitas Azzahra building, AQL, represented by Ustad Firman, emphasized the importance of enhancing the knowledge of amil zakat (zakat administrators) to improve zakat, infak, and sadaqah services to the community.

In his address, Ustad Firman stressed the pivotal role of amil in their responsibilities. “Amil zakat serves as the front line in the collection and distribution of zakat, and therefore, they should possess a strong understanding of the principles of zakat in Islam,” he stated. “When amil have adequate knowledge, they can be more effective in assisting those in need.”

On the other hand, Universitas Azzahra responded positively to AQL’s visit. Muhammar Amin, the university’s representative, announced plans to propose the establishment of an Economics with a Concentration in Zakat program. “We aim to equip our students with in-depth knowledge of zakat, enabling them to actively contribute to better zakat management and distribution,” Muhammar Amin remarked. “As a positive outcome of this program, students will have the opportunity to pursue thesis topics related to zakat, allowing them to conduct more extensive research in this field.”

Moreover, the proposed program will also be complemented by a supplementary diploma from a certified amil professional institution recognized by the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP). This will provide graduates of the program with an official qualification to enhance their professionalism in the field of amil zakat.

This visit reflects the collaborative effort between AQL and Universitas Azzahra to enhance understanding and services related to zakat in Indonesia. It is hoped that this collaboration will bring significant benefits to those in need of zakat, infak, and sadaqah assistance.

This news will be continually updated and made available online for further information.

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